June 5, 2023

Write for us

We have a say. The ability to mold and form people’s thoughts. A platform for people to be heard and for shame to be removed from things. We invite you to use us as a speaker for your voice. Composing for us is a blast for everyone to hear. Offer your emotions, your ideas, your hated, disregarded thoughts to the world through us.

What we will provide you

We’ll be your clean slate. If you compose for us, we will not cast judgement on you. We will allow you to express your needs and share your knowledge with the entire globe. cryptonftbc.com is not new to the discussion. We do what we consider to be the finest. We will only provide you the opportunity to do so.

What we require from you

We understand how important it is for you to express your opinion. However, in order for us to disseminate your content, you must provide us with high-quality, linguistically correct content. You must also promise that your application will not be used to target, condemn, or offend any individual or group using our platform. This is a means of progress. It is not permitted to slander someone here!

We are now ready to take guest posts for the following categories

  • CryptoCurrency
  • NFTs
  • BlockChain
  • Web 3.0
  • Investment
  • Finance

Suggestion to write for us

  • More than 700 words are required. SEO optimization Copyright-free picture in the content.
  • If any adjustments are required, we will modify the original information.
  • If we discover a problem with the post, we will delete it immediately.
  • No pornographic material, links to pornographic sites, adult content, casino, gambling, online gaming, illegal activities, inflammatory content, or abusive material will be uploaded.
  • You will be held legally liable for any unlawful information or posts. Cryptonftbc.com will delete the content promptly and will cooperate with legal authorities.

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If you are interested to publish a guest post on cryptonftbc.com, then knock us via email cryptonftbc@gmail.com.

Note : We may delete any blog post which is not performing well after 1 -2 years.

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