March 26, 2023


Information provided on this website is for general purpose information.

In case you want to start investment in Crypto Currency, NFTs etc then kindly check latest news, rules, legal laws of the countries you are living and dealing with.

Legal rules can vary and change at any point of time and we will not be able to correct it everywhere on our website at any point.

Before investing in Crypto Currencies kindly discuss with your advisor, friends or the person who has better, updated and accurate knowledge about it.

In any case we, our website will not be responsible if you lose money or your investment. As mentioned earlier this website is only to make aware people about Crypto Currency, NFTs, Web 3, Blockchain technology etc. We do not have affiliation with any of the currencies, websites, products, person, companies listed on any of the website pages.

In case any post, person, Apps, Website is sponsored by our website it will be clearly mentioned. You do not have to use our affiliate code when you want to use these websites, apps or services.

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